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  1. These are great shots! Everything looks wonderful! I know for a fact the amount of colour and style of your presentations truly reflect the abundance of amazing flavours within the recipe. Beautiful.

  2. Hello Atoosa,

    I LOVE your food, recipes and photography! What is that gorgeous purple dish? I can’t get into your archived recipes at all. I’m talking about the 4th photo down in the middle. I really, really want to see your archived recipes!!! Please help!

    • Hi and many thanks for your kind message! I’m very happy to hear that you like my work.

      The picture you are referring to is the Beetroot and Yoghurt Borani, the recipe for which I have not yet uploaded to my blog. I am only sharing certain recipes online for now as my new cookbook is being published later this year and I want to save most of my recipes for that.

      Have you checked out the ‘recipe’ section of my blog? Here you will find the recipes I am sharing; I am going to be adding more in the coming weeks and months so do look out for them. If you are having any problems with the blog (e.g. gaining access to my recipe page) please let me know or any other feedback relating to my blog; it’s always great to receive feedback from users.

      Finally, thanks again for taking time to write and please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

      Atoosa x

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